Xbox 360 Won’t Read Disc! – Discover How To Fix It In Under An Hour!

by 360fixed on September 20, 2009

This blog entry will tell you about the disc reading problem that some gamers have been getting with their Xbox 360 and the myths surrounding it as well. So what do we mean by disc reading error?

Well if you have gone to put your game in the drive and then instead of loading up as normal you get a message on the screen saying “Please insert an Xbox 360 disc”, or you may get the system open up the tray and spit the disc out, or it may do nothing at all.

Sound familiar?

Well you can fix the disc reading problem on the Xbox 360 at home and alot of people think when they get this error that they will have to get a new DVD drive when it is not the case!

You can fix it at home because the reason that your Xbox 360 will not read discs is because of overheating on the motherboard and as the chips heat up the receptors on the back of the DVD drive take some of the heat and shut down to prevent damage!

So this means thart if you stop the heat build up on the chips you will be back in the game.

So how can you do this?

Well you can use an Xbox 360 Repair guide that will give you a full step by step video to follow and then you will be back in the game in just 40 minutes. The fix is very simple to do and you do not need any technical knowledge what so ever!

Check out the full guide below and it also fixes the other errors such as 1 red light, 2 red lights, 3 red lights permanently as well:

Fix Xbox 360 DVD drive

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